Welcome to The Key Publishing House (KPH) Inc. We are a progressive publisher built on quality publishing experience. At KPH, we have a special responsibility to the rule of excellence. We embrace and continue to celebrate diversity, promotion of literacy, freedom of thought and expression, respect, tolerance and harmony among human societies, in everything we do. We are committed to these values. Moreover, we champion big questions, innovative ideas, tackle critical problems, deal with difficult issues of our time, find better solutions and change lives. With this belief in mind, we welcome all authors and encourage them to submit their book proposals.  With us, the possibilities are endless, so find your passion and attain your publishing inspiration. Join us, submit your proposal and explore all that The Key Publishing House has to offer for your manuscript and other intellectual endeavors.

The requirements for manuscript submission are as follows:

  1. Covering letter stating:
    • objectives of the book,
    • prospect audience,
    • comparable/competitive titles,
    • credibility of Author in relation to the topic, and
    • potential marketing and social media strategy.
  2. Synopsis of the whole manuscript
  3. Detailed Table of Contents
  4. Sample chapters, the introduction and conclusion

We welcome proposals to be submitted electronically via email to (info@thekeypublish.com) with the subject line: Proposed Manuscript for Consideration