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An Alphabet of Animals


An Alphabet of Animals gathers together in words and photographs some of the many ways in which people have looked at animals and have thought about them.

Before the Ending of the Day: Life and Love, Death and Redemption


John Bowker’s poems and translations have been published in many different places.  They are gathered here in a single volume for the first time.

English Grammar for Chinese Speakers


English Grammar for Chinese Speakers is the only book available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Chinese students, teachers, interpreters, and translators interested in mastering the English language.

English Pronunciation for Chinese Speakers


English Pronunciation for Chinese Speakers offers Chinese students of English as a second language, a comprehensive guide to pronunciation techniques of the English language.

In the Shadow of Inspiration: Canada’s National Parks and Beyond


In the Shadow of Inspiration is a unique book which draws together many strands in order to embrace concepts such as conservation,  natural history, social history and a celebration of Canadian National Parks.

Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist Guide


Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem is a travel guide designed to give tourists a Jewish experience when visiting the city.


L’un, L’autre, Le temps


These  poems, are reflections on time, the relationship to self and other.

Latin American Portraits


This book is part of a planned series of photographic Portraits that will present peoples of the world in much of their diversity, exploring their daily lives and activities.

Living Artfully: Reflections from the West Coast


Living Artfully: Reflections from the Far West Coast offers unique  perspectives and insights to the interrelationship of creativity and geography  through intimate portrayals about the lives of artists.