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Conflict and Reconciliation: The Contribution of Religions


The quest for reconciliation, however differently it is understood, is an obligation in religions that should be much better understood and employed by those who seek peace in the world.

Foxy Lady: Truth, Memory and the Death of Western Yachtsmen in Democratic Kampuchea


Foxy Lady is an investigative journalist’s account of one of history’s most intriguing footnotes: the murder of four Americans, two Australians, an Englishman, a New Zealander and a Canadian by Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge.

God Is an Illusion: To Live Is to Experience


This book is a guide for individuals who seek spiritual meanings in their daily activities.

Slaying the Dragon


In this extraordinary voyage of self discovery one man is able to turn true evil into a movement that introduces hope into the lives of those who have lost their way.

The True Golden Hour: How People Respond in Emergencies


True Golden Hour offers a unique understanding of the latest findings on population reaction to natural or man-made disasters all over the world.

Wandering Beyond the Darkness: One Man’s Journey Through Religion and Spirituality


Wandering Beyond the Darkness: One Man’s Journey Through Religion and Spirituality, Ian Barrett uses reason and humour to put religion and spirituality into perspective.

Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing


Women Writing on Family provides guidance and insight for women who write about family.