Forest Grace

Forest Grace is a physician who practices internal medicine and acupuncture under his official name, Stephen En Ling, M.D. He lives with his wife and their two children in the South Bay Area of northern California (The Silicon Valley). Throughout his life, he has been immensely interested in comparative religions––with emphasis on practical spirituality––partly because of his complex cultural background, having grown up and received education in four different cultures across three continents, also because of over twenty years of privilege treating a highly ethnically varied population of patients who have come here from many different countries. This is his first book, and it is written for two purposes. One is for spiritual edification for those interested in the art of living. The other is to present commonality amongst all the major wisdom traditions of the world. In today’s world of globalization, with potential clashes of cultures, it is his hope that such commonality can help the world better accept itself, with all its cultural diversities.

Author of: God Is an Illusion: To Live Is to Experience