Predisposed is the story of a life not too uncommon but often denied. It is a story of struggle, challenge, oppression and ultimately healing.



Author: Robert M. Tansley

ISBN: 978-1926780-01-6

Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5″

Number of Pages: 172

Synopsis: Predisposed is the story of a life not too uncommon but often denied. It is a story of struggle, challenge, oppression and ultimately healing. Margaret has a gift, a talent, hidden behind layers of complicated, unhealthy psychology. She is an artist, a gifted artist, her talent nurtured by the need to escape, disconnect from her violent, abusive life. Her talent takes her to the world of tattoos and this, almost by accident nurtures her soul, begins a healing.


  1. Dr. Kenneth Handelman

    Predisposed is a gripping and insightful story. We meet Margaret as a homeless woman, trying to get her life on track. And we quickly discover she has a past which is haunting her. As she navigates shelters and mental health treatment, we learn what has been haunting her. This story is both exciting and shocking. The characters are complex, and their psychological make up is realistic. As a Psychiatrist, I can say that the description of the therapy and mental health system is accurate and insightful, and Tansley shows his grasp of the complex psychological make up of people who have experienced trauma (and recovery), through his experience with his clinical work with his clients. Tattoo and art become the saviors for Margaret, and they are weaved into the complex story along the way. This book reads like a major motion picture – shocking, exciting, depressing and uplifting… all coming to an unexpected ending. I highly recommend Predisposed.”
    -Dr. Kenneth Handelman – Child Psychiatrist

  2. Roger Delaney

    “Have you ever wondered what really happens when professionals and people-in-need meet to engage in the helping process. Robert Tansley’s Predisposed provides a realistic and anguishing journey that explores recovery in a frank, no nonsense manner. His characters are people you can relate to and understand as they work to remove the many barriers to recovering one’s self esteem. I highly recommend this book as reading material to support professional education in general, social work, psychology and helping professions in particular and as good reading for those who are just curious about people we read about who are poor, who are victims of abuse and who have been shunned by society. While the ending of the book does not really describe the reality of those whom I have experienced in 40 years of practice, the rest of the book does and does so very well.”
    -Roger Delaney, PhD, Professor of Social Work, Lakehead University

  3. Brian P. Schroeder

    “Rob Tansley’s professional experience gives us an incredibly vivid and accurate look into that underbelly of society that is all around us, but remains somehow invisible. His description of the people who live in life’s nooks and crannies is entertaining as well as informative. We (the reader) get the benefit of both. One of those rare books that I started and finished without pause. I found Predisposed to be enlightening, provocative and intriguing. It left me thirsty for more and I hope that Tansley continues to write; I will be watching for any further works. Finally an author who writes what he knows and knows what he writes. Don’t miss this one, you’ll love it!”
    -Brian P. Schroeder

  4. Timothy D. Gauthier

    “Being an addictions and mental health counselor, it became evident to me early on that Tansley knows what he is writing about. The ups and downs of his main character resemble very closely many of the clients I have worked with; their stories are intense, heart-wrenching, and triumphant. A great read for professionals and their clients.”
    -Timothy D. Gauthier, B.A.

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