Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist Guide


Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem is a travel guide designed to give tourists a Jewish experience when visiting the city.

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Author: Jay Levinson

ISBN: 978-0-9811606-7-2

Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5

Number of Pages: 192

Synopsis: Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem: A Tourist’s Guide is a travel guide designed to give tourists a Jewish experience when visiting the city. The book covers interesting background about popular sites and fascinating details about lesser known places.

  • How was the Talmudic era grave of Nicanor found?
  • Which places give the best views of the Temple Mount?
  • Where can you walk on the roof of the Old City?
  • How did the Geula neighbourhood get its name?

Whether this is your first trip to Jerusalem or one of many, this book is bound to greatly enhance your understanding and appreciation of the city.

The sequel Jewish Journeys Near Jerusalem.


  1. Amazon Review by Moshe P.

    “Reading Jewish Journeys in Jerusalem I felt what Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island must have felt. I was looking at a treasure map. The detail and historical background are amazing. The cultural and religious information, vital. This is not a book just for tourists. It is a book that every Anglo-Jewish family should have on their bookshelf. I have lived in Jerusalem for 35 years and have the toured the city extensively (or so I thought) reading this book opened for me a Jerusalem I did not know existed. Written in a concise and clear English it is a pleasure of a treasure. And you wont have to take a dangerous sea voyage.”
    -Amazon Review by Moshe P.

  2. Amazon Review by JK

    “This book is a must for everyone who visits or even lives in Jerualem. The list of places to visit is well thought out. Professor Levinson gives a short history of each site. Both ancient and modern anecdotes. When you weave all these together you have a fascinating and informative journey through Jerusalem. well worth reading for its own sake. Professor Levinson also provides all the details such as schedules, transportation, entrance fees and even what to wear. You can learn the history of street names. Even important insights into local customs such as what to expect if you go to a wedding.”
    -Amazon Review by JK

  3. Amazon Review by ELLIOT

    “I have been to Israel 17 times and have spend 70% of my time exploring Jerusalem. I have used some of the most popular published tour guides some of which I thought were very good. I was mistaken, this guide by Jay Levinson is by far the most comprehensive guide to Jerusalem that I have ever read. It is extremely easy to follow and takes you to places even native Jerusalemites and tours are unaware of. I’m planning my 18th trip and will have this book with me while in Jerusalem. I can’t believe some of the sites that I missed! This book is the new classic in Jerusalem tour guides!”
    -Amazon Review by ELLIOT

  4. Amazon Review by Judith Nusbaum

    “If you were to purchase only one guide book about Jerusalem, I suggest that it be this one. Levinson’s well written, carefully researched, user friendly guide offers a wealth of information for all tourists including the Orthodox Jewish tourist, who too often is overlooked. I, a retired Israeli tour guide, found Levinson’s book both entertaining in presentation and educational in content; the depth of his research outstanding and his ability to relay the information with ease and clarity is a gift. In addition, I found the extensive index and personal suggestions very helpful.

    I strongly suggest that reading Levinson’s guide before, during and after your visit to Jerusalem and its environs will enhance your experience.”
    -Amazon Review by Judith Nusbaum

  5. Amazon Review by Ginger

    “I’ll admit that I was hesitant to purchase this book, given the price, not that it’s exorbitant, but I have other guide books. With the other guide books I have, and with so much information available on the internet, I thought the book might not offer enough information to make the purchase worthwhile. I am now very glad I did purchase this book. It’s a must-have book for those wishing more than a cursory tour of Jerusalem. The extensive coverage of the many sites is terrific and the depth of information on those sites is more than I’ve seen in other books. If this “sounds” like your kind of book, don’t hesitate to buy it!”
    -Amazon Review by Ginger

  6. Amazon Review by Rachel Jones

    “This is a great book. Very informative without being too overwhelming. We have been using it to plan our first trip to Jerusalem.”
    -Amazon Review by Rachel Jones

  7. Amazon Review by RG

    “This guide provided a lot of info to assist us planning our 2 days in Israel during a Holyland cruise.”
    -Amazon Review by RG

  8. Amazon Review by harold jitschak bueno de mesquita

    “Highly advisable if you come to visit.”
    -Amazon Review by harold jitschak bueno de mesquita

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