God Is an Illusion: To Live Is to Experience


This book is a guide for individuals who seek spiritual meanings in their daily activities.



Author: Forest Grace

ISBN: 978-1-926780-15-3

Dimension: 5.5 x 8.5″

Number of Pages: 111

Synopsis: This book is a guide for individuals who seek spiritual meanings in their daily activities. Indeed, the most important spiritual quest for a human adult is to find the best way to live a meaningful life. No wonder this subject is the focus of most wisdom traditions of the world. These traditions were originated at various times in our history and from different parts of the world; most importantly they share the same core message. Here, the best way for one to live is to experience his or her being, but this must be done with complete genuineness. Elegantly expressed by the symbol of the forever coexisting Yin and Yang, this being is a state of duality simply termed as body (self) coexisting with the spirit (Self). When one is genuinely experiencing this duality, he or she is enlightened according to Buddha, or in transcendence according to Hinduism, or in the Kingdom of God according to Jesus. Though named differently, these states of mind are all the same.


  1. Amazon Review by Samson

    “What I like about this book is the fact that it is a thin book. A book of this kind should be small. The ultimate truth and core philosophical ideas should be simple. This book is easy to read and the points are clear; it is good for young adults and deep thinkers too. The book introduces an obstacle, one’s ego, that faces each of us in the road of understanding one self. Instead of giving the readers a formula to remove their egos, the author looks at a pair of concepts, Eternity Spirit (ES) and Space-Time Event (STE), that I think of it as a tool to guide one’s living experience.”
    -Amazon Review by Samson

  2. Amazon Review by Bambi

    “I find this thin book to be deeply philosophical. It talks about each person existing as a duality, in fact everything in the universe also existing as some form of complementary opposites. Furthermore, it considers God and gods only in the form of illusions, which I think is probably true. I also find it very psychological. It talks about how our egos can take away the trueness in our experiences in life, and that this trueness should be the only real purpose in life. If we can conquer our egos, we will achieve real peace. The book definitely offers an unique viewpoint in human spirituality/philosophy. I had great fun reading it.”
    -Amazon Review by Bambi

  3. Amazon Review by Whitehead

    “Although only about one hundred pages, this book is packed with spiritual messages. By quickly finishing it, the average reader is unlikely to be able to appreciate its deeper qualities. Personally, I find that when the book is read at an easy pace, its flavor pleasantly and steadily intensifies page by page, chapter by chapter. Furthermore, revisiting it can be quite rewarding, for I don’t get all the points in it yet; but with each revisit, I tend to get more.”
    -Amazon Review by Whitehead

  4. Amazon Review by LIME

    “A refreshing new perspective on life and how to think about it. With highly insightful stories that people from all walks of life can relate to. Really understanding this book requires the willingness so suspend one’s own set views on life for a while, but it can really improve the way you approach your life if you let it.”
    -Amazon Review by LIME

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