Book publishing industry is unique in its own right. It is a symbol of human essence and the gateway to knowledge, freedom and progress. To generalize solely from publishing history and current experience, book industry is in constant evolution, transformation and progress. The industry became one of the most important contributors of human knowledge, communication structure and development. In integral sense, it affects authors, readers and people in general differently at different points in life.

The publishing industry contributes in the spread of learning. The industry grants the production of new ideas, ethos or reproduction and conservation of old ones. It participates in the creation, documentation and transformation of knowledge, innovation, creativity and culture. Broadly speaking, book publishing contributes to overall human development and progress.

Book publishing industry is a groundbreaking craft. It transmits draft manuscripts, ideas and cognitive experiences into printed books and distribute them to wider readers and audiences. Most importantly, the industry brings authors into specialized and general public arena. One of its central doctrine is to publish, preserve and protect author’s ideas, accuracy, rights and reputation.

Book publishing is a complex process. The transmission of author’s manuscript or cognitive experience into production is not straightforward process as people might think. In reality, the publishing steps that start from the submission of the author’s manuscript and moving into legal paperwork, manuscript preparation, production, print, marketing and distribution is quite complicated procedure. Practically, the tradition journey period to reach into book production is a long and externally exhausting. Even in the current era of new digital technologies, publishing process is quite strenuous. Yet, the reward and especially the sense of contribution to knowledge and the euphoria of overall achievement is very pleasant experience.

The new technologies caused an enormous challenge to publishing industry. Some people see that the emerged of new technologies accelerate the demise of publishing industry. Some other people believe that the industry is reaching its end, and will be vanished from existence soon. However, we at The Key Publishing House believe the contrary. We view that publishing industry will not be obscure from human lives or entirely vanished from existence. No doubt, the new technologies cause great knotty challenges to the industry. Yet, the industry will accommodate itself to the change of external technological phenomena. As history shows, whatever happens, the publishing industry will adapt to the new environment and evolve.  So, regardless of current technological hits, publishing industry will survive and thrive.

In short, book publishing industry is an important innovation in human history. It contributes to knowledge, development and transformation. In specific sense, publishing industry allows authors publish and disseminate their ideas and impact the greater world. Finally, publishing industry produces and incubates knowledge, ignites new ideas, influences and change lives. What a wonderful gift!

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