Robert M. Tansley

Any introduction of Robert M. Tansley begins with, he is a father. This role is the thing that defines him the most as a person. It is his top priority in his values. Along with being a Writer, Robert has worked as a Therapist helping both children and adults struggling with mental health related issues. Part of this work has been with the most vulnerable in our communities, the homeless, the abused, those struggling with addictions and people with mental health challenges. Robert has spent thousands of hours, with individuals, couples, families, and groups, in therapy listening to stories of tragedy, horror, healing and change. It is the collective spirit of these people that energizes Robert’s writing. Robert holds an undergraduate degree from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and a Masters degree from the University of Toronto, both in Social Work. Robert continues to live and write in Brantford, Ontario with his family.

Author of: Predisposed