Sonia Halliday

Sonia Halliday and Bryan Knox started to work together in 1997, when Sonia persuaded him to come to Chartres Cathedral in France. Sonia was there to update some photographs for the guide book for which she had provided the photography with Laura Lushington since 1976. Photographing stained glass was very different from the wildlife and flowers that Bryan had specialized in for the previous 50 years. After photographing stained glass in Chartres they went together to Israel to photograph the Biblical sites ‒ although the attraction for Bryan was the wild flowers! This trip culminated in their book (with John Bowker writing the text), The Aerial Atlas of the Holy Land, published by Mitchell Beazley in October 2008. Sonia has been visiting Israel often since she went to school there in 1947.

Photographer of: An Alphabet of Animals